Engineered Cell-penetrant DJ-1 Protein


The CB201 program focuses on supplementing low levels of active DJ-1 in the cells in conditions such as diabetes. Delivering DJ-1 into the cells has been made possible by fusing native DJ-1 with a small cell-penetrating peptide. A DJ-1 protein system was shown to protect in vivo models of oxidative stress in rodents (Jeong et. al. Mol. Cells. 2012, 33, 471-8). We are applying a protein delivery technology, which enables the delivery of the DJ-1 protein into patients’ cells to enhance DJ-1 activity to reduce glyoxal and oxidative stress and protein misfolding, both of which are linked to the onset and progression of a number of diseases. CB201 is a novel protein therapeutic candidate derived from DJ-1 fused with a cell penetrating peptide.