Cutting-edge commercial research requires collaboration between global research groups and companies. Cantabio pharmaceuticals’network of collaborators combine to produce a powerful strategic research advantage.

Through our relationships with leading academic research groups we are able to access state of the art research technologies and develop these into real world solutions that can have a lasting impact on society.


NovAlix - our industrial partner in a number of research applications spanning from high throughput screening to x-ray crystallography.

Purdue University - Cantabio has collaborated with Dr. C. Rochet, at the Rochet Lab at Purdue University as a biology research partner, with project funding by the Michael J Fox foundation.

University of Antioquia - Cantabio has been collaborating with the Neuroscience Research Group in the Medical Research Institute at the University of Antioquia, a growing and important centre of excellence for research into Alzheimer’s and related neurodegenerative diseases.