Cantabio's Team

Cantabio’s research team - left to right: Dr. Max Zhu, Dr. Andras Czajlik, Balazs Forizs, Katalin Solti, Dr. Gergely Toth, Dr. Manuela Karpati, Dr. Robert Kiss, Lilla Toth, Dr. Thomas Sawyer, Dr. Balazs Herberth

Cantabio has assembled a multi disciplinary team based out of its research facility by the banks of the river Danube in Budapest, Hungary. The team is based in Cantabio’s lab and office space in the new, purpose built MTA TTK building owned by the Hungarian Academy of Science and consists of scientists with expertise in Computer Aided Drug Design, Biophysics, Chemistry, Cellular and In Vivo Disease Models.

Current ongoing research at the Cantabio labs

Biophysical scientists monitoring protein expression levels

Cell culture experiments in progress

Inspecting cell cultures

Analyzing successful results